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The ages of fault events of active faults have been estimated using electron spin resonance ESR signals of siliceous gouges. This technique of ESR method is limited by obtaining only ages that are greater than tens of millennia. So this study focuses on developing a new technique of using calcareous gouges to gain an insight into the ages of latest seismogenic event within the Holocene. For the first time, signal B of the ESR method has been used to estimate the age of the Ushikubi fault from calcareous gouge. This technique proved reliable because the mean age 1. However, the result from the ESR technique showed an increase relative to the age of 1 ka that was obtained by the radiocarbon dating method. Moreover, isochronal experiment revealed that the gouge did not comprise pure carbonates but consisted of a mixture of calcite and quartz grains. A younger age value would have been obtained if a lower artificial irradiation dose rate and a relatively pure carbonate fault gouge were used in the ED determination. Abstract The ages of fault events of active faults have been estimated using electron spin resonance ESR signals of siliceous gouges.


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With this perspective, an effort was made to develop luminescence dating techniques for direct dating of fault gouges and deformed sedimentary structures 1,2.

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Fault gouge dating in the Southern Appalachians, USA

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For a better understanding of the recent exhumation history of the Alps and the distribution of palaeo- and recent earthquakes within the orogen, it is important to elucidate the Quaternary activity of major faults. In this study, we test the applicability of luminescence and electron spin resonance ESR dating, which have ultralow closure temperatures, to directly date fault gouge of the Simplon Fault.

Quartz and feldspar grains were extracted from the sample; quartz grains were used for ESR dating, whereas feldspar grains were used for infrared stimulated luminescence IRSL dating. Although these D 0 values are unexpectedly small, the IRSL signals can be used to calculate the minimum age of the last seismic movement of the fault. Both natural and laboratory-irradiated ESR spectra did not contain detectable Ti centre.

Therefore, only the Al centre was used for ESR dating. Since the last seismogenic movement most likely only partially reset the Al centre, the ESR age can be regarded as the maximum age of the last event. We show that by combining luminescence and ESR dating, it is possible to narrow down the age range of the last seismic activity on the fault.

How to cite: Tsukamoto, S. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Sumiko Tsukamoto et al.

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Obtaining a reliable age of the latest seismic slip event along an active fault is important for seismic hazard assessment. Here, we observe changes in the optically stimulated luminescence OSL signal of quartz crystals due to frictional heating in artificial fault gouges comprising a mixture of quartz grains and Ca-bentonite powder. The fault gouge was deformed using a high-velocity rotary-shear apparatus at room temperature and room humidity.

At a seismic slip rate of 1. In contrast, there was rare slip-localization at subseismic slip rates 0. The results suggest that quartz OSL dating can be used to constrain the age of the latest seismic event in natural quartz-bearing fault zones where a SLL occurs.

Thus ESR dating age of fault grain shows the time of fault activity. fault zone*3, the fault clay*4, the mylonite*5, the pseudotachylite*6, and the fault gouge*7.

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Fault-gouge dating in the Southern Alps, New Zealand

The earthquake is a phenomenon that the fault surface is cracked by the surrounding force to pull or push and then, the base rock moves rapidly on the boundary of fault plane. This base rocks shift is called the geological fault. The active fault is the geological fault that has the possibility to move repeatedly in recent geological age and in the future.

The fault is classified to the normal fault, the reverse fault, the strike-slip fault and the left-lateral fault by the difference in the movement displacement. Also it often appears as a deflection of layer in case of soft layer. Identification of the active fault and evaluation of the activity is important to make basic data for site selection of large buildings and for the aseismic design.

Fault gouge structures. (a) XZ polished slice of foliated fault gouge (location G) from Amodani. Dextral sense of shear can be identified from P-R1 fabric in the.

We introduce a method for the detailed interpretation of K—Ar illite fine-fraction ages of fault gouges from non-sedimentary host rocks. Ages are cross-evaluated with several independent parameters, e. In the course of this study, a large number of gouge-bearing fault zones were systematically sampled and analysed. Obtained K—Ar illite fine-fraction ages range from Devonian to Cretaceous times, documenting a long-lasting brittle fault activity in this region.

Middle to Late Permian and Early Triassic ages as well as Early Jurassic to Middle Cretaceous ages correlate with extensional tectonics in this region. Data integrity and consistency with other chronometers and geological evidence show that the here suggested interpretation is valid and can provide a powerful tool to evaluate cooling and deformation histories. Despite of that, we could show that the reliability of fault gouge data strongly depends on the regional cooling. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Rent this article via DeepDyve. Clay Miner 38 1 :1— AAPG Bull 67 3 Google Scholar. Clays Clay Miner 34 4 — Bahlburg H, Breitkreuz C Paleozoic evolution of active margin basins in the southern central Andes northwestern Argentina and northern Chile.

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Dating of Calcareous Fault Gouge of the Ushikubi Fault, Central Japan

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A fault rock without primary cohesion where less than 30% of the fragments are visible to the naked eye and the rest is fine-grained and clayey.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Microstructurally-constrained K—Ar data from cohesive damage zone samples are compared to bulk K—Ar data from fault gouges from the adjacent fault cores. In Fault I, fluid ingress along the fault core caused pervasive alteration of the host granodiorite.

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What Every Adventist Scientist Should Know: Flat Gaps & Soft Sediments 4-5-2014 by Ariel Roth

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